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The Sistema de Pagamentos e Cobranças - SPC (Payments and Collection System) is a service provided by the Bank which allows the Client to perform various payments in bulk, such as the payment of sallaries and payments to suppliers, and collection of receivables (e.g. Direct Debit).

This service provides the Client with:

  • ​A convenient and secure way to process bulk payments;
  • Flexibility in payments; 
  • More credibility and suplliers' satisfaction resulting from timely payments.
  • Applicable fees and comissions are in the Bank's Price List available online and at any of the Bank's Branches.



    SPC is a Payments and Collections System through which the Bank performs various payments (sallaries and others) and the collection of receivables in the current accounts of consumers or users, through the Client's instructions. The instructions can be given to the Bank in the following ways:

  • ​Via the Bank's Branch, with the delivery of an electronic file (CD or USB/Pen Drive/Flash).
  • Via Internet Banking, using the file transfer option, check here the process Manual.
  • Payments can be made in MT (Meticais), US Dollar, Euro and Rand, to bank accounts and / or OIC's.

    Note: Via Internet banking the SPC does not include the Direct Debit option (only the payment option).  

    To apply to the SPC (Payments and Collections System) the Client must: 

  • ​Be a company owning a Current Account at Millennium bim.
  • Sign the SPC Subscription Contract.
  • For payments, both parties (beneficiary and payee) have to own a Current Account at Millennium bim.