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The Millennium bim Netshop allows your company to sell its products and services online with more simplicity, speed and security.

Increased benefits for your Company’s Customers

  • Ensures high security for all online purchases made with VISA cards through the security system Verified by Visa .
  • More flexibility as it allows them to purchase goods and services, anytime, anywhere.

    Increased benefits for your Company

  • Boost in sales: Allows the online sale of  products and services anytime;
  • Universality: It covers all range of VISA and Mastercard debit and credit cards;
  • Free of  Collection Risks: Receive the money into your business account with security and flexibility.
  • To subscribe the Netshop service a membership, transactional and monthly fee will be charged according to the price list, which can be found at any Millennium bim branch.

    The Netshop is an online payment platform that allows your company - to sell its products and services -With this solution, your customers - can now make payments using a credit and / or debit card (Visa or Mastercard) with more security .
    The - Company must have a Millennium bim account at and an adequate communication system that allows a good service connection.

    To subscribe to the Netshop service, visit the nearest Millennium bim branch or contact us on the following contacts:
    +258 21 350 035
    +258 82 350 0350
    +258 84 350 0350
    +258 86 350 0350

    Grow your business to the online world.

    Do as the Customers below, adhere to the service and give visibility to your business.