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Payroll monthly processing is a critical activity for all comapnies.

With the Conta Certa service from Millennium bim, funds to finance a timely monthly Payroll are always available, regardless the current cash flow of the company on payment day.

In addition, the facility has a 0% spread during 5 days.

And salaries are always being paid on time.


Acces to the Conta Certa account and definition of the monthly credit limit amount are Free of Charge.

The monthly credit limit amount is subject to creditworthiness evaluation by the Bank.


Usage of the monthly credit limit is charged at the Bank's PLR – Prime Lending Rate over the overdraft amount, up to 5 days. Remaing additional overdraft days are charged at the Bank's standard interest rate for overdrafts.

Applicable interest rates are specified in the Bank's Price Schedule, available online and at the any of the

Bank's Branch.


Current Account

Current account with a monthly overdraft limit associated with the monthly paid payroll amounts processed via the Bank's SPC service.

Access Conditions

Available to companies using the Bank's SPC service for payroll processing.


Maximum 5 days, not renewable.

Usage Conditions

Transactions in the account are limited to:

Dedit: SPC payroll processing payments;

Credit: Transfer, at Customer's request, from the Comapny plain current account.


Bill of Exchange.

Aplication can be place at the Bank's Branches holding the plain current account of the Company or contacting your dedicated Relationship Manager.

Who can access the Conta Certa Account?

Any company using the Bank's SPC service for payroll processing.

What is the maximum credit limit that can be granted?

The maximum credit limit is related with the monthly payroll processed amount.

What are the possible usages of the credit limit?

The credit limit can only be used to support the monthly SPC Payroll processing, so salaries are always paid.

How to use SPC payroll processing?

In order to use the SPC service to process your payroll, please apply to the SPC - Sistema de Pagamentos e Cobranças.