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The Cash Directo service allows your company to quickly and automatically identify the payments credited to its current account at the Bank, and to reconcile these payments against the company billing system.


With the Cash Directo service, the entired national banking system becomes a collection agent for all the company's invoices. In ALL channels of ALL banks where a banking transfer is accepted can be used by your debtors to pay their invoices.


The Cash Directo identifies the payments received, who paid, what was paid for, whatever the transaction description placed at payment's origine. In addition, the Bank's makes available a daily report that will enable an automatic reconcilation between payments received and existing receivables.


The Cash Directo service is compatible with any accounting or billing system, with fixed or variable payment references, by Customer or by invoice.


Apply now to the Cash Directo Service,

and start enjoying automatic reconciliation of your invoices and payments!


Acess Conditions

Access to the Cash Directo service is free of charge.

Received Payments

A fee will be charged for each payment received, according with the Bank's Price Schedule available online and at any of the Bank´s Branch.

Daily Reports

The Bank provides a FREE daily electronic report, in various file formats at Customer's choice.


Invoices Issuance

No change to the existing invoice issuance process is required. Each invoice just have to have the bank routing number (NIB) to be used by the payee to pay.

Invoice Payment

Based upon the invoice information, the payee pays the invoice, using the NIB contained to perform a banking tranfer from any banking channel from any bank (e.g.: Bank branch, Internet Banking, ATM, Mobile…).

Payments Monitoring

Access online (Millennium bim Internet Banking) the company can monitor the payments being received with the proper information to identfy the Invoice and the Payee.

Automatic Reconcilation

The electronic report, send on a daily basis to the Company allows the automatic reconcilaition of payments and receivables. The file is provided in various different formats at the company's choice.

Application to the Cash Directo service can be placed at any of the Bank´s Branch or to your Relationship Manager.