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​Millennium bim has at your disposal a range of products and services that ensure better management of your Company’s financial transactions and an increase in flexibility.


​Programa PME is free of membership fee. 

The charges applied to the products and services integrating Programa PME are published in the Bank’s price list available for consultation at any Millennium bim branch.

Access Conditions
Programa PME is available for all small and medium Mozambican Companies.

Products and Services that comprise Programa PME
Daily Accounts Management

  •  Internet Banking: Simplify the daily management of your business through the Internet Banking service.
  • Cards: Debit, Credit, Fuel Pre-paid.
  • Cheques
    Investment Financing and Guarantees
  • Loans;
  • Banking Guarantees;
  • Leasing (for Real Estate, equipment, vehicles);

    Treasury and Short Term Financing
  • Collateralized Current Account;
  • Overdraft;
  • Factoring;
  • Confirming;
  • Credit limit to pay employee’s salaries (Conta Certa).
    International Trade
  • International tranfer;
  • Documentary credits;
  • Foreign exchanges operations.
    Soluções de Pagamento e Cobrança
  • POS;​
  • NetShop;
  • Collection and payment service (SPC);
  • Payment of bills service
  • Cash Directo.
  • ​To adhere to Programa PME, visit any Millennium bim branch​.

    Should you require clarification and/or any additional information, we have at your disposal a Millennium bim call center reachable through the following contacts: 

    +258 21 350 035

    +258 82 350 0350

    +258 84 350 0350

    +258 86 350 0350