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With the help of strong partnership, your business have more advantages and a sustained growth.

The Solução Negócios (Small Busniess Solution) addresses the needs of your business, in Mozambique and abroad, with innovative and quality services.

Current Account 

With the Corporate Current Account, in local or foreign currency, you automatically acces all the benefits of the Millennium Internet Banking services, so we can view and manage all transactions remotle, from your office or when away from your company's premises.

 Payments and Receivables Management

We have a fast and efficient service to pay to your suppliers or to process your payroll, prepared to execute instructions based on file transfer, and generation of files online inside the Millennium Internet Banking. We have POS Terminals allowing your Customers to pay with VISA and Mastercard cards.

Trade Finance

Our know-how is based on a highly specialzed team, always suggesting the best solution for your business: International Banking Transfers, Documentary Transactions, Letters of Credit, Import/Export Financing, Foreign Exchange currencies, etc...

Acces to the Solução Negócio is free of charge.

Fees and commissions applicable to the products and services included in the Solution are specified in the Bank's Price Schedule available online and at any of Millennium bim's Branch.

Apoio a Tesouraria

We know that, in a company's life, unexpected challenges are common. Millennium bim has prepared a set of financial products and services to help managing your company's treasury:


Point of Sale - Card Payment terminal for your Customers to be able to pay with they VISA and Mastercard cardsMore …  


Sistema de Pagamentos e Cobranças (SPC), this system enables the company to process mass payments and collection, using its current account at the BankMore …  


Check Letter, special check template, as a letter, including a pre-cut check. This enable the company to mail a correspondence along with the check corresponding to the payment being made. Both the letter and the check can be customized with the company's logoMore …  

   JUE - Janela Única Electrónica

Custom Tax payment service, based in electronic formats and respecting the rules of the local Custom AuthorityMore …  

   Social Security (INSS) Payments

Directly from your current account at Millennium bim, the monthly payments to the Social Security authority can be made easily and according with the applicable local rules and regualtionsMore …  


In order to support your company's growth, the following financing instruments are available:

  • ​Revolving Credit Facility
  • Negotiated Overdraft
  • Investment Loan
  • Real Estate and Equipment Leasings
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Liquidity Management

    We have financial solutions to earn money from your liquidity surplus, short or medium term investments are available, in local or foreign currency. For more information, please contact your Relationship Manager.


    Our Comapny's projects need more than "good luck", so we have preapred a set of insurances, tailored for you. With Millennium Seguros you are sure to have a safe partner to help you cover business risks the way you need.










    To access the Solução Negócio, please contact your Relastionship Manager or any of Millennium bim´s Branch.


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