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  • How to Become MLíder

With Millennium bim, your company becomes a true market leader.
The MLíder Program aims to recognize the best Millennium bim SME Clients for their role in the growth and sustained development of the Mozambican economy, as a result of their outstanding management and financial balance. Through this program, the Bank distinguishes as MLíder 2017 these excellence companies, giving them credibility towards their business partners, customers and performance in the market.

  • Advantages of being MLíder:
  • Financial benefits:
  • Credit Solutions: benefits in acquiring Loans, Leasing of Movable Assets, Revolving Credit Facility and Bank Guarantees.
  • Transactional: financial benefits applied to POS, interbank or intra-bank transfers, in bulk payments of salaries and suppliers through the internet banking website.
  • Insurance: discounts on insurance premiums for Work Accidents, Funeral/Life, Car Fleet (insurance policies with more than 5 vehicles) Home and Transported Goods.
    • Non-financial benefits:
    Know all the preferential conditions offered to your Company in the following link (partners' link).


    In order to get the non-financial benefits from our partners, the Company must contact the partner institution and present the Mlíder Certificate, assigned by Millennium bim.​​

    Requirements to become a MLíder Company:
  • Strong relationship with Millennium bim;
  • Good cross selling;
  • Good risk and no defaults exceeding 30 days.
    Millennium bim reserves the right to withdraw the MLíder statute if the Client no longer meets the involvement and risk conditions that determined its attribution, and the current price list will apply to each of the Bank financial products and services.