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Assure your Company’s employees protection

The Work Accident Insurance is intended to salaried workers and allows the transfer to Seguradora Internacional de Moçambique of costs resulting from a work accident occurred to the insured person (employee), during working hours and during the usual route, to and from home.

The Insurer offers the following guarantees:

  • Pensions for Death: Salary-based;
  • Pensions of Permanent Disability (Absolute or Partial): Salary-based;
  • The insurance company is responsible for the payment of treatment expenses as a result of an accident.
  • Compensation for Temporary Disability (Absolute or Partial): Salary-based;     
  • Funeral expenses (includes coffin and transport): maximum 30 daily wages;
  • Treatment Expenses: Unlimited;
  • Medicine, Medical and hospital care: Unlimited;
  • In-itinerary (optional).​
  • ​​

    It is considered an accident at work when:

  • ​The subordinate worker suffers, directly or indirectly, body injury, functional disturbance or illness that results in death or reduction in the ability to work or gain;
  • Occurred when transporting the worker to or from the work place, by the employer’s transport.

    Occupational Disease

    Any clinical situation that arises in the organism, localized or generalized, of toxic or biological nature, resulting from the professional activity, namely:

  • ​Intoxication of lead, its alloys or compounds, with direct consequences of such intoxication;
  • Intoxication by mercury, its amalgams or compounds, with the direct consequences of such intoxication;​
  • Intoxication by harmful pesticides, herbicides, dyes and solvents;
  • Poisoning by dust, industrial gases and vapors, such as: gas from batteries of electric accumulators and internal combustion gases and refrigeration machines;
  • Exposure of asbestos fibers or dust in the air or dust from products containing asbestos;
  • Intoxication by the action of x-rays or radioactive substances;
  • Carbuncle infections;
  • Professional skin diseases.

    People Insured

  • ​Effective or temporary employees;
  • Apprentices and trainees;
  • Workers performing voluntary work;
  • Self-employed workers and their household provided that they work in conjunction with self-employed work;
  • Insured household members, administrators or managers, which their names are include in the insurance policy.

    Also excluded are the activities with the coverage not foreseen or excluded in the current legislation of Work Accidents insurance of and exclusions foreseen in the General Conditions, namely:

  • ​Accidents resulting from assaults, strikes, riots, acts of terrorism and sabotage, rebellion, insurrection and revolution;
  • Arrival expenses for landing of the victim;
  • Fines under the insured responsibility for lack of compliance with legal provisions;
  • Accidents resulting from the deprivation of the victim's reason, drunkenness, use of narcotics or drugs (when the insured or his/her representative knows this state).​




    If you wish to subscribe the Work Accident Insurance and ensure a safe environment in your Company, please visit the nearest  Millennium bim Branch, contact your Manager or contact us through the following numbers:

    +258 21 35 00 35;

    +258 823 500 350;

    +258 843 500 350;

    +258 863 500 350.



    In case of accident covered by the policy:

  • ​The hospitalization and treatment should be carried out in national public hospitals, adequate for the victim’s recovery;
  • Assistance will be provided in the sanitary facilities closest to the victim's residence, which can more adequately perform it;
  • In the absence of medical resources in the country, if Seguradora Internacional de Moçambique deems appropriate, and if proven by a medical committee and authenticated by a doctor of absolute trust, medical and hospital assistance can be provided abroad. Transportation or repatriation may be charged to the insurer, if stipulated in the Particular Conditions;
  • After the occurrence of the work accident, and assured the necessary emergency medical services, the accident claim and the necessary documentation must be delivered to any Millennium bim branch.