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Millennium bim's Internet Banking has been designed to facilitate the daily life of Entrepreneurs and Companies, addressing the needs of the Customers.


Our Internet banking solution can be customized by each user, having the possibility to see and manage multiple accounts and products, from different companies in one single place.


The transaction center allows the user to define drafts, favorites, beneficiaries that are kept for future usage, not having to enter the whole information each time.

Safety, Efficiency and Speed are also additional advantages of our Internet Banking, along with the possibility of having multiple authorization flows for the transactions.

Subscribe our Internet Banking service until the 31st of December 2017 and we will waive the 1st annual user fee. After this period, you will also benefit from a permanent reduced pricing. For more information please contact your relationship manager or visit the nearest branch​

Access to the Internet Banking for Companies has a monthly fee.

Transactions performed within the Internet Banking are usually less expensive than the ones ordered at the Bank's branch. Specific costs are stated in the Bank's Price Schedule available online and at any of the Bank´s Branch.


With our Internet Banking, your company's activity can be more efficient, with the following functionality:


  • ​Consolidated assets and liabilities
  • Current accounts: Transactions, Balances, Account history…
  • Time deposits 
  • Credit: Repayment plan, Interest rate, maturity, current outstanding balance and transactions
  • Cards: Statements, transactions…
  • Account activity in electronic format for downloads and automatic reconciliation


  • ​Domestic transfers: Intra and Inter banks
  • International transfers requests
  • P​ayroll and Suppliers payment processing
  • Bill payments 
  • GSM airtime topup  
  • Cards: Cash advance, early repayment, cancelation, fuel card topup
  • T​ime deposit opening

  •  In addition, it is possible to request cheque books and payment cards.
    Application can be done at any of the Bank's Branch. Alternatively, please contact your Relationship Manager.

    I am a Customer already. Do I have to open a new current account to have access to the Internet Banking?

    If you already own a current account at our Bank, simply request your Internet Baking access at your Branch of the Bank or to your Relationship Manager. After activation, all your accounts at the Bank will be accessible via the Internet Banking.

    Why should  I use Millennium bim's Internet Banking?

  • ​It is simple and user-friendly;
  • Managing your companies' accounts, payments and receivable becomes easier;
  • ​Access your accounts at Millennium bim, safely and when you want, from the place you want.