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The International Transfers (Payment Order) are banking operations between banks, in different countries, moving funds, commonly in different currencies, from one account to another account, at Customers' request.

  • Simple, safe and Convenient;
  • With the possibilty to have a Negotiated Exchange Rate with Millennium bim.
  • The applicable charges are: 

  • ​Commission over the amount transfered;
  • Operational expenses from Millennium bim and, in some cases, from the correspondent bank;
  • Details are in the Bank's Price Schedule available online and ant any of Bank´s Branch.



    For an International Transfer (Payment Order) to be performed in a safe, quick and as automated as possible the following elements are needed to be given by the Customer to be Bank:

    Payment Order sent abroad

    Originating Customer

  • ​Number os the Customer account where the funds should be taken from;
  • Amount and Currency to transfer;
  • Reason for the transfer.


  • ​Name and Address (including country);
  • IBAN from the target account that will receive the funds abroad (International Bank Account Number) or número de conta whenever the IBAN is not in use;
  • Name of the target Bank, SWIFT BIC Code, Branch address and pais;     

    Mandatory Documents

    When paying for Imported Goods 

  • ​Commercial Iinvoice
  • "Documento único de importação" (import document).
  • Transport document.

    When paying for services

  • ​Invoice or other equivalent proof of purchase;
  • IInformation concerning the relationship existing between the originating party and the beneficiary;
  • Depending upon the type nature of the transaction being made, an income source proof might also be needed;
  • Proof that the corresponding import taxes have been paid or its payment is secured;

    Capital Export

  • ​Boletim de Exportação de Capitais Privados (BECP. Local authority approval).

    Payment Order Received from Abroad

  • Depending upon the type of transaction received and the type of beneficiary, the Bank may be required to request documents from the Customer (beneficiary) in order to fullfil local legal requirements.

    Notice: All International transfers (either ordered or received payments)  are regulated by the local Foreign Exchange Laws and Regulations. Information herein given by the Bank is only a sampling and do not replace nor substitute the knowledge and fullfilment of of all local mandatory procedures and regulations that the Customers are due to know and abide with.


    In order to apply for an International Transfer, please:

  • Visit your Millennium bim Branch or contact your Relationship Manager, or;
  • Call our Customer Line:
  • +258 21 35 00 35

    +258 82 35 00 350

    +258 84 35 00 350

    +258 86 35 00 350

    Payment Orders Sent

    Millennium bim, for all orders requested and in with complete information, ensure the following service levels:

  • ​Order placed at the Bank up to 12h00 - Funds made available to the beneficiary's bank the same day (D);
  • Order placed at the Bank after 12h00 - Funds made availbale to the beneficiary's bank in D+1

  • Payment Orders Received


    Service Level

    Orders received for Millennium bim Customer

    1 Day

    Order received from accounts at other local banks

    2 Days 

    Note: Days are counted as working days

    Payment of expenses can be:

    SHA - Share Expenses: Expenses at the origine are paid by the Originator and expenses at destination are paid by the Beneficiary. This is the default option when no other is requested by the originating Customer.

    BEN - Expenses to be paid by the Beneficiary: This included ALL expenses from both sides.

    OUR - Expenses to be paid by the Originator: This included ALL expenses from both sides.