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In order to be the best partner of the companies operating in the international trade, Millennium bim has an offer adjusted to the needs of each Customer.

  Treasury Optimization

Productos that make possible the optimum treasury management, with advances over receivables from export made by the Customer.

  Advances over Receivables

For exporting companies with a sound knowledge and experience with their usual foreign Customers, it is a way to make possible sales with differed payment, but securing the possibility of advances over the mentioned receivables.


A wide choice of instruments are at the Customer's option.


All the financial payment flow is secured between banks, releasing the companies from a heavy admnistrative costs.

All fees and commissions are shown in the Bank's Price Schedule available online and at any of the Bank's Branch.



From our large experience and know how in the international trade business, we have a wide range of products and services to support your Company.

Revolving Credit Line

A credit line with a revolving limit allowing to finance the preparation of export orders, or to pay for imports made.


A loan allowing to finance the preparation of export orders, or to pay for imports made, whenever the production cyclie is longer thus recommending a financing  in a longer term, with repayment in instalments.

Import or Export Letter of Credit (L/C)

It is a commitment made by a bank, using another bank, upon a Customer's request (buyer) to another Customer (saler) and regarding the payment of the invoices related with importint/exporting goods or services. The payee's bank will honor the payment is the import/export documents presented by the exporter are in according with the terms defined in the L/C..

Documentary Collection

Service performed by the Bank in order to collect the receivables related to commercial import/export documents..

International Transfers

Banking transfer involving local and foreign banks, allowing to move funds from a banking account in a country to another banking account in another country..

Garantia Bancária

This is a document issued by the Bank, at Customer's request, having a third party as beneficiary. In the document the Bank undertakes a specific obligation towards the third party, in the event of the Customer failing to match/performed in the conditions agreed between the Customer and the third party.

Risk Management

Allows the Company to better identify potential risks related with the International Trade, with a proper evaluation and implement mitigating actions in order to decrease the risk exposure.

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