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Conta Empréstimo (Loan) is a very flexible way to finance your company's activity, with customizable amounts, maturities, repayment plans and interest rates.

Major benefits:


Almost all loan componentes can be adaptated to your specific needs.

 Grace period

Grace periods for the principal can be adjusted to your needs; namely, to your project's cash flows.

 Foreign currency

Pending the Central Bank's applicable regualtions, loans can be granted in many foreign currencies

Our loans are highly adjustable to your investment projects.














Charges related with loans are of 4 different kinds:

A setup fee is applicable.

Interest rate

The applicable interest rate charged will be the PRSF-Prime Rate of the Financial System (for the corresponding currency) plus a spread defined according to the Risk Analysis performed by the Bank. 

Early repayment

An early repayment penalty fee is applicable.


A stamp duty tax is due over the loan amout and commissions (Decreto 06/2004 – Código Imposto Selo).

For more detailed information, please read the Bank's applicable Price Schedule, available online and at any of the Bank's Branch.



The loan is agreement based, between the Customer and the Bank, covering the following major aspects:


Local or foreign currencies.

Loan Amount

Depending upon creditworthiness analisys perforned by the Bank


From 3 months up to 15 years


Personal or fisical, depending upon creditworthiness analisys perforned by the Bank.

Associated Insurances

Real Estate insurances, life and civil responsibility

Repayment Plan

Plan to be agreed upon with the Customer. The most prefered method is base on monthly fixed instalments of principal plus interests. A grace period may also be setup, during which the instalments will only include interests, while the principal repayment is postponed.

To apply to a loan, please use one of the following way:

  • Visit your Millennium bim Branch or contact your Relationship Manager and ask for a simulation;
  • Call our Customer Line at:
  • +258 21 35 00 35

    +258 82 35 00 350

    +258 84 35 00 350

    +258 86 35 00 350

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