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The Leasing Auto pack is flexible as it allows, individuals and companies, to purchase new vehicles at a reduced ​ interest rate compared to other financing options.

Advantages: ​
  • Lower monthly payments: lower debt service with the possibility of acquiring the vehicle by settling the residual value at the end of the contract.
  • Flexibility: flexibility in setting up terms, upfront free and residual value.
  • ​​


    A commission will be charged for the organization of the loan and in case of a contract change during the loan life.

    Interest Rate

    The interest rate will be comprised of the PRSF – Prime Rate do Sistema Financeiro plus a spread. PRSF in force at the time of the granting of the lease is subjected to change according to the conditions of the market.  

    Adhering to the Mais Auto insurance grants you access to a reduced spread on the Leasing

    The contract allows the customer the temporary use of the vehicle, upon payment of a monthly installment over a certain period of time, after which the Customer can exercise the option to purchase the vehicle.

    The residual value has to be paid at the end of the contract, should the Customer decide to purchase the vehicle.​

    Financing Amount

    Up to 90% of the purchase value.


       24 up to 60 months

    Interaste Rate   

          PRSF – Prime Rate do Sistema Financeiro + Spread with a bonus of 1% in the insurance is        celebrated with ​Millennium bim.

    Front entrance

          10% up to 20%.

    Residual Value

          Minimum of 2% and a Maximum of 10%


      Metical (MZN) and Dollar (USD)


      Corporate and personal guarantees of representative(s) and spouse(s), if married.

    To adhere to the Leasing Auto pack, visit any Millennium bim branch and request a simulation.

    Should you require clarification and/or any additional information, we have at your disposal a Millennium bim call center reachable through the following contacts:

    +258 21 350 035
    +258 82 350 0350
    +258 84 350 0350
    +258 86 350 0350