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Conta Corrente Caucionada (Revolving Credit Facility), the Bank will allocate a specific amount/limite, with a specific maturity, that the Customer can use to address its cash flow needs.

 Flexible amounts, maturities and interest rates

Depending on your Company profile and needs, a solution can be customized.

 Cost is related with the real usage of the line

Interests are applicable to outstanding amounts used

 Ease of usage

Once the credit line agreement signed, your company can freely access the corresponding amounts, according to the treasury needs: the company just have to tell to the Bank how much to use of the credit facilty and the funds will be transfer to the correpsonding currant account, from where the company can freely use it. 

A flexible cash flow management tool to properly address treasury volatility.

Costs are related to 2 main areas:


A setup, renewal and increase fees are applicable. In addition, a monthly commitment fee is also applicable over unused amounts.


The applicable interest rate charged will be the PRSF-Prime Rate of the Financial System plus a spread defined according to the Risk Analysis performed by the Bank.

More details are in the Bank's Price Schedule available online and at any of the Bank's Branch.


The Bank will allocate a specific amount/limite, with a specif maturity, that the Customer can use to address its cash flow needs.


Metical (MZN).


Upon Bank's creditworthiness assessment.


180 days, renewalble for 90 days periods, except if canceled by any of the parties, accoding with the General Conditions of the signed agreement.


Usage of the funds can be done via transfer to the borrower's current account, place at the Bank's Branch.


To be defined at creditworthiness assessment level.

Interest Accrual and Payment

Interest can be paid monthly, quarterly or twice a year, at the end of the accrual period, charged in the corresponding current account.


Repayment can be done at any moment and shall be bullet at maturity.

You can obtain more information regarding the Conta Corrente Caucionada:

  • Visiting a Millennium bim Branch.
  • Contacting your Relationship Manager
  • Calling our Customer Line at:
  • +258 21 35 00 35

    +258 82 35 00 350

    +258 84 35 00 350

    +258 86 35 00 350

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