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With the Cartão Fuel (fuel card) your tank is always full!

This is a domestic debit card, pre-paid and rechargeable at any moment, for the amount you wish to.

Then, you just have to tank, at any gas station, paying with the Fuel Card in any POS of the Millennium bim's Network. 

This card is recommended for you, your comapny, your Employees or for your drivers, being the only fuel card that gives you the freedom of choosing the gas station brand equiped with a Millennium bim POS. In addition, you can easily control all expenses made with the card, by directly accessing the fuel card account.

The following numbers can also be use for Customer Support:

+258 21 35 00 35 (landline)

+258 82 35 00 350 (mobile)

+258 84 35 00 350 (mobile)

+258 86 35 00 350 (mobile)

Apply now for your Fuel Card and have more freedom!

Fees and Commissions

Issuing and usage fees are charged for the first year. The following years, an annual fee is charged. In case of card's replacement a fee is also charged, except for the replacement of cards due to expiration.

Charges are defined in the Bank's Price Schedule, available online and at all the Millennium bim's Branches.


The Fuel Card is a pre-paid card, with a PIN, that can by recharged at any moment, for the desired amount. After tanking, just use the card and the PIN to pay at any gas station using a Millennium bim's POS.


To recharge the card, just give the corresponding instruction to debit your current account and credit the card account, at any branch of the Bank, or using the Millennium bim's telephone banking (Linha Millennium), Millennium SMS or Millennium Internet Banking. Should you prefer, you can also give use a monthly standing order. With the Fuel Card, tanking is garanteed and comfortable and fleet management becomes easier!


Safety of Usage

In case of lost or stolen card, promptly contact us at the following numbers for Customer Support: 
+258 21 35 00 35 (landline) 
+258 82 35 00 350 (mobile)
+258 84 35 00 350 (mobile)
+258 86 35 00 350 (mobile)
+14 10 58 836 (VISA, Multilingual)
Upon notification of the event, Millennium bim and VISA will trigger procedures to prevent misuse.
Application for the Fuel Card is availbale at any of Millennium bim Branch.

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